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Best Women’s Running Shoes of Premium Quality

  Women nowadays represent a larger percentage of athletes around the world. Running is no longer an activity predominated by men only. In that spirit, women have to find the most efficient running shoes that will enable them to accomplish their running adventures today, there is a wide range of women’s running footwear on the market, some of which can also make a bold fashion statement.   Redbagz has also joined forces in the sale of the broad range of women’s ..

How to Keep Your Leather Shoes Polished: Part 1

Did You Know?The first, waxy "shoe polish" was made of tallow, oil, wax, and soda ash, and was used to waterproof and soften leather, not impart shine. The shine was added to the polish in the 18th century.When we think of using house hold items to care for leather it sounds a little crazy. However, I assure you; it is not and works better than you may think. 1.Olive Oil and Lemon: Forget the salad!!! We are making shoe polish today and it goes well with a pair of classic dress pants.&..

Easy Tips to Provide Your Natural leather Shoes a Long Life

When it comes to top quality and expert shoes, natural leather shoes are the front runner. They could be a little expensive yet are very long lasting. If maintained properly, these shoes could last for many years without losing their initial texture. One of the most essential pointers to preserve your shoes is to keep them clean and dry. Shoes are continuously subjected to the sweat from the feet as well as this has a negative impact on the life of the shoes. You can place them in an airy locati..

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